Affordable Cleanroom & Static Control Products

ERGOMAT is the premier supplier of innovative ergonomic and safety solutions for the workplace, featuring:

  • Ergomat - Anti Fatigue Matting for employees standing for an extended period of time.
  • Durastripe - The best 5S and signage tool.


Mats are available for any application - from the operating room to the manufacturing floor and all areas in between. We specialize in solutions to your unique problems. Ergomats offer unsurpassed performance and unequaled warranties.
Ergomat Classic Floor Mat for Dry Environments
This is the ULTIMATE mat for DRY environments where static electricity control is a must.
Ergomat Classic Floor Mat for Dry Environments

Ergomat Anti-Fatigue Cleanroom Floor Matting

Ergoline Softline Floor Mat

Ergomat Softline Floor Matt for Extreme Environments
This is the ULTIMATE mat for extreme environments.
This is the ULTIMATE mat for very wet environments.

Ergomat Endurance Floor Mat for Very Wet Environments

  Ergomat Hygiene Floor Mat for High Cleanability
  This is the mat for high cleanability
Ergomat Nitril Floor Mat for Critical Environments  
Ergomat Nitril Smooth Floor Mat for Critical Environments
This is the ULTIMATE flat mat for critical environments.
Ergomat Nitril Flat Floor Mat for Critical Environments
This is the ULTIMATE mat for critical environments.    

For more information, see the Ergomat website.


DuraStripe started out as the revolutionary aisle striping solution. The line has now evolved to become the best 5S and signage tool! It offers exceptional durability (2-year warranty), and no-trouble application & removal.

Ergomat Durastrip Durapux
Ergomat Durastripe Extreme
Ergomat Durastripe GlowStripe

Durapux are 3 1/2" disks which allow for installation in alternating colors, non-linear configurations and uneven surfaces.

Also available in material for extreme and anti bacterial environments.


Durastripe Original provides easy removal and reconfiguration.

Also available for extreme, cold, wet and oily environments. Durastripe Anti-Bacterial is ideal for critical environments.

The GlowStripe is white in lighted environments, but will glow in the dark for hours to mark safe pathways in the event of a power failure.

GlowShapes and GlowPux also available.

ErgoMat Durastripe Custom Printed
Ergomat Durastripe Durasigns
Ergomat Durashape  

Printed DuraStripe -
Your own custom text and graphics can be printed on any type of DuraStripe. Bar codes, trade show graphics, POP promotions… the list is endless.

Anti-Bacterial Printed Durastripe is also available.

  DuraSigns offer infinite durable signage possibilities, whether you need the standard Stop, Exit, Fire Extinguisher, etc., or a custom sign. Your only limit is your imagination! With the same durability as other DuraStripe products, DuraSigns offer a simple, cost effective solution for safety and 5S programs. It is available in all types of DuraStripe.

DuraShapes communicate in die-cut shapes and icons, ranging from numbers, letters, footprints and more.

Durashapes can be made in any DuraStripe version to meet your needs.


For more information on each Durastripe product, please see the Ergomat Website.

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