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Cleanroom Wipes & Swabs

Technical Product Services offers a wide array of Cleanroom Wipes & Supplies for contamination control in your environment. Below is a partial listing:

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Lym-Tech Wipes & Swabs

Lym-tech C-Wipes
C-WIPES are an efficient, economical general purpose clean room wipe. Super absorbent, extremely low particle generation and ultra pure.
Lym-tech SYMSAT Wipes
LYMSAT® ideal for use in Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical device industries and other applications where wet wiping is required.

Lym-tech Purity Wipes
Purity Wipes® are comprised of 100% continuous filament polyester fiber that is especially absorbent and clean.
Lym-tech Sorbont-HS
SORBONT-HS is made from Dupont Sontara ®, a micro-level cleaning fabric by Dupont, the leader in non-woven technology.
Lym-tech Bemcot Wipes
BEMCOT® wipers are the world's first cellulosic, binding-free, spun bonded, non-woven fabric. They are absorbent, naturally static dissipative, and heat resistant.
Lym-tech Compo Wipe
Compo Wipe's combination of polypropylene and cellulose makes it extremely effective when using acids.

Lym-tech A1L
A1L is strong, durable, highly absorbent and chemically pure, and is low in extractables & particulates
Lym-tech TJ Wipes
Lymtech's Twill Jean (TJ) Wipes consist of tightly woven cotton, resulting in a super absorbent, low-linting wipe.

For more information on wipes, see the Lym-Tech website.

Lym-Tech Swabs & ApplicatorsSwabs & Applicators

LYM-TECH Swabs and Applicators provide you with an excellent source of superior products for use in a wide range of specialized cleaning tasks. All swabs and applicators are non-abrasive and absorbent, and dispense liquids evenly.

Foam Tipped, Fabric Tipped and Cotton Tipped Swabs are available.

For more information, see the Lym-Tech Website.

Perforated Rolls and Cleanroom Paper

Lym-Tech Perf Rolls

Lym-Tech Perf rolls are lint free, feature superior wet strength, are non abrasive, fast absorbing and perforated for easy dispensing. Custom rolls can be manufactured to your specifications, perforated or non-perforated.

More info on the Lym-Tech website.

LYMWRITE Cleanroom Paper

LYM-WRITE has been developed to provide clean rooms with paper that will reduce the risk of contamination and increased product yield. It is impregnated and coated with special polymer formulation that inhibits particle generation and chemical extractables. Copy Machine paper, Computer Print-Out paper, Notebooks and Gummed Notepads available.

More info on the Lym-Tech website.

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