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ErgoPerfec Workstations
This ErgoPerfect tables allows all workers to easily adjust the working surface to the proper working height for comfort and safety. It effortlessly transforms to perfectly match the needs of a variety of workers and work heights, making changing tasks or shifts extremely simple!

NS100W Wall-Mount Style Table

NS160T & EP160T “Compact Edition”
Workstation Frames

ErgoPerfect Wall Mount Style Table ErgoPerfect Compact Edition Workstation Frames
Max load: 220 lbs.
Height adjustment: 8”
Frame measure: 51” x 27.5” x 24”
Max load: 350 lbs.
Height adjustment:
28” – 46.5”
NS160 Frame measure: 52” x 28” x 29”
EP160T Frame measure: 41.3” x 25.6” x 29”

Having the right ergonomic work table is of great importance!

As people are different in posture, the right ergonomic work table should, in consideration of the employees’ different heights and their varying working positions, be height adjustable in order to prevent unnecessary discomfort. The adjustable height of the work table ensures that your employees can carry out work in well-balanced body positions and in the long term avoid severe and chronic health problems. Choose between a wide range of standard or
customized table tops – for both production facilities and office space.

Available Tops

Butcher Block Maple
High Pressure Laminate
H-P Laminate ESD
Stainless Stee

Standard Sizes

30” x 59”
30” x 72”
30” x 84”
ErgoPerfect Tool Board Organizer

Tool Board Accessory

Our new tool board consists of a metal back board and shelves, allowing you to organize your workspace and hang tools. This accessory is perfect for packaging, shipping and production.
The tool board accessory
is not applicable for the S100W model and only fits 59" table tops.

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